This week we have controversy, violence and an inevitably huge hangover for your viewing pleasure. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Azealia Banks – Atlantis (Dir. Fafi)

And they said SeaPunk was dead! Rihanna and Azealia have successfully managed to piss off the interwebz this week with their obvious visual-jacking. A whole host of SeaPunk stalwarts couldn’t believe it when they saw Rihanna perform on SNL in front of a green screen with many of the movement’s 90s pop culture influences projected behind her. We expected more from A.B…

Nite Jewel – Weak For Me (Dir. José Wolff)

An ode to early 3D computer graphics, this video will have you mesmerized. The combination of that lo-fi 80s sound and those swirling visuals is truly enchanting. We’d expect nothing less from the Californian singer-songwriter.

Beach House – Wild (Dir. Johan Renck)

A stark contrast to the featured song, this video is uncomfortably creepy. Squalid, sexual and violent, probably the last three things you’d associate Beach House with.

Night Beds – Even If We Try (Dir. Rick Alverson)

This guy is just having one of those nights. Drunk and disorderly he may be, however I love the look of child-like wonder on his face as his stumbles through the night’s roads.

Purity Ring – Lofticries (Dir. AG Rojas)

Here’s what Director AG Rojas had to say “‘Lofticries’ is a music video exploring the stoicism of psychically connected characters confronted by surreal, climactic moments. It is also a song off my favorite album of the year by Purity Ring.” What do you think of the video? Love it? Hate it? Why?

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