Girls November, 28 2012

2013 Pirelli Calendar Unveiled – Why Are There No Nude Photos?

Unfortunately, the recipients of the 2013 Pirelli calendar will not be viewing any nude photos. “When I told the models there would be no nudity, some of them were disappointed,” casting director Jennifer Starr told NY Mag, Starr has worked with Pirelli on the calendar for seventeen years. If the models are disappointed that there won’t be any nudity, you better believe the customers won’t be too thrilled either.

According to NY Mag, the decision was twofold: All of this year’s calendar’s models were chosen specifically for their extensive charity work, and it was thought that nudity might, as Starr put it, “dilute the message.” Meanwhile, the Pirelli team knew that some women might feel uncomfortable posing nude because of the causes they supported.

Photography by Steve McCurry