Here is another round up of the top 10 comments of the past week. I’m wondering; have you been drinking too much at all the Christmas parties this week? That can be the only reason why there have been so little good comments… So step up your game people! It is the last Friday of the year next week and I have a Christmas wish for you all: give me the best comments you got! Read the the top 10 comments taken from facebook and from our webpage after the jump.

#10 commented on: Tîan – Minimalistic Bike Furniture

“Andres Silva: “That’s one bruised ass left knee trying to



#09 commented on: A History of Stussy Tribe Varsity Jackets

“Mother of Swag:”Munchkin Nicolas Cage looks ubercool!””



#08 commented on: Skateboarder Magazine ‘Boy’s World’ Holiday Lookbook

“That Good Life: “Do the girls come with these clothes? or are they just models?””



#07 commented on: Kate Upton by Bruce Weber for Vogue Germany January 2013

“Jacob Kenobi: “Look, Josh. She’s staring right at me!””




#06 commented on: Versace ‘SoHo Edition’ Now Available

“davis.: “200$ for a t-shirt! Faaaagh!”

SQUIRE: “someone get kanye on the line.””




#05 commented on: Apparently the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M Collection is tanking in stores. What is the issue… price or is the line too avant-gard




#04 commented on: The XX – “Last Christmas” (Wham! Cover) at BBC Radio 1 live

“AJ White: “Merry XXmas.””




#03 commented on: Paz de la Huerta Goes Nude for Playboy Magazine

“Mael Crusty: “looked like a boy.”

Richard Barrett: “Mael, you should have cataract surgery.””




#02 commented on: Black Scale Winter 2012 Headwear Lookbook “Last Supper” by Arturo Torres

“Emerson Ramos: “I’ll eat that supper fo sho!!!””




#01 commented on: The Story Behind Kanye West’s Pleated Kilt by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

“Rpthriller:” Countdown to him rocking a dress and calling it a “toga”.”


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