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GQ: 25 Most Stylish Men of 2012

The great GQ delivers a year-end list featuring the 25 most stylish men of 2012 doing their thing. Even the great Archer character gets a nods for looking good. “Whether it was athletes stepping up their game off the field (Russell Westbroook), rappers retiring from excess everything (Frank Ocean), or actors actually giving a shit, this year was a great one for men’s style.”

Full list below.

GQ Names Most Stylish Men of 2012

1. Daniel Craig
2. Zach Efron
3. Ewan McGregor
4. David Beckham
5. Rob Pattinson
6. Bruno Mars
7. Joseph Gordon Levitt
8. Tyson Chandler
9. Justin Theroux
10. Nick Jonas
11. Matt Bomer
12. Dwyane Wade
13. Matt Lauer
14. Armie Hammer
15. Jay-Z
16, Andy Cohen
17. Ryan Gosling
18. Andrew Garfield
19. Yasiin Bey
20. Adam Levine
21. A$AP Rocky
22. Archer
23. Wes Anderson
24. Russell Westbrook
25. Frank Ocean

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