Friend, writer, and model, Jenny Bahn, traveled through South Africa this past Fall and share with us this look at her experience through photography. (jc)

South Africa is a wild, feral place. Despite its outward civility and kindliness, a chaos brews just beneath the surface, waiting for just cause. An inherent instability. Strike a match, and the whole place burns. You feel it when you walk through the aisles of the supermarket, when you drive down the highway, walk through its townships. Theirs is a history steeped in hardship and distrust, and this history is not part of a very distant past.

Photography: Jenny Bahn

It is a country of gross discrepancies, where a developed nation and a developing nation share the same neighborhood, build their houses into the same mountainside. There are the haves and the have nothings, and all of this exists within moments of one another.

That being said, South Africa is stunning, its landscapes unparalleled. Staring towards the sea, you are at the edge of the world – just beyond the body of water surging into the bays of Cape Town lies Antarctica — that bluish, inhospitable chunk of ice. This is the last stop.

I had the privilege of traveling to South Africa last month. Here is what I saw.

A student turned model, Jenny Bahn wormed her way through the fashion industry and came out on the other end, quite atypically, as a writer. A contributor to V Magazine, The Inside Source, and Flip Collective, Jenny Bahn also maintains the blog she started in 2008,, which catalogues stories about modeling, travels around the world and the generality absurdity of existence. / @jennyblovesyou

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