A Suntory Whiskey Tasting in New York City 2

We recently had the occasion to attend a whiskey tasting event in New York City, wherein the Japanese brand Suntory supplied the goods. We sampled three of Suntory’s blends that were previously not available in the US. We tried the Hakushu single malt, the Hibiki, and the Yamazaki. All three were impressive in their own right. Taste-wise, these blends are in a different ball park than your Jameson or Jack Daniels. Our personal favorite was the Hibiki, which had a very pleasant smoky taste. The bottle is also something that would make a stand-out in your wet bar.

The brand’s US ambassadors were both on hand, serving up their wares over hand-carved ice orbs that were the size of baseballs. We are no whiskey experts, but in our opinion, Suntory is definitely a label for enthusiasts to consider checking out.

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