Where the runway meets the street

A beautiful film from Inoue Brothers. The designers have specialised in fine knitwear using Alpaca and Vicuña from the Andean Mountains of Peru since 2005 and it is this wool that forms the basis of this series of films. On a trip to the Andean plateau the brothers found themselves in  the Puno region, southern Peru. Here they met local anthropologist Alonso Burgos who had re-introduced the ancient Chaccu ceremony to the indigenous people as a community building exercise. The Chaccu, an Incan ceremony of solidarity, is centred around the harvesting wool from the Vicuña (a relative of the llama), animals which were believed to be the  reincarnations of young maidens, rewarded with a coat of pure gold in return for giving life to their civilisation – ‘The Gold Of The Andes.’ A seriously impressive film, press play.

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