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Esoterism Aluminum iPhone5 Bumper Case 2

Esoterism makes what we consider to be some of the best shock resistant bumper cases for the iPhone family. It is also beautifully designed from aerospace aluminium and prices well at $70.

Case in point: a good friend of the Selectism family has a terrible habit of dropping his phone at rates higher than most. If I had to guesstimate, I would say 2-3 times a day is below average for him (I’m serious). Our friend has damaged every  version of the Apple phone since the iPhone3. Every phone: cracked glass, distressed corners – you name it. He burns through Applecare at rates unseen.

When Estoerism sent over the Moat-4, the iPhone4/4S version of their bumper – a case made from airplane-grade aluminum and fitted with a padded lining – we gave it to him to test drive.  More than six months on, this friend refuses to give us the Esoterism case back. For him, its a safety net.

While Esoterism will not boast the shock absorbency benefit of the Moat series case, we’ll tell you that it works pretty damn well in protecting the phone from the typical flat fall (though clearly not effective if you put a nail to the glass). The Moat-4 and Moat-5 (for the iPhone 5) weighs very little at around 18 grams. It uses mini screws (tool included) to put install the bumper case. We’re pretty certain you’ll keep it on for a while.

All models available direct through Esoterism online shop or Amazon.



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