We sat down recently with Adam Lafferty, one of three brothers that comprise the Libero Ferrero team, on a somewhat blustery day in LA, a rarity. Adam and his brothers are the founders of a young line of bags, cases and accessories, all handmade in the U.S.A. in high-quality leather. Anchoring themselves in Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago, the brothers might be apart, but each seems to have a very clear role within the three year-old company. They’re in it for the long haul, and stretching their wares into other product categories is not out of the realm of possibility. For now, Libero Ferrero, named after their immigrant, enterprising and bootstrapping grandfather, are experts in well-crafted, bespoke leather goods.

The items possess a somewhat rugged sensibility, but a refined, timeless character peers out of them as well. Several items are lined with suiting wool from their partner and longtime menswear company, London-based Holland and Sherry. Minute, repeated details – the chevron shape, for instance – slightly wink at their design-minded customers, who include film industry heavyweights Robert Downey Jr., Naomi Watts and Timbaland. Standouts for us are the Oak and Eddon bag in hickory and black. After spending some time with their impeccable line, it also suddenly seems utterly imperative to own a duffle or two (both pictured below).

The importance of narrative and community in creating a brand come up in our conversation several times. These are things that are deeply held to the anti-fast fashion and Made in America set. The importance of both to the Libero Ferrero brothers is not difficult to grasp. Three brothers, one grandfather, one intimate collaboration with another family business, Horween, and a laser focus on making items here and sourcing only the best leathers and accoutrements from Europe and Asia supports this assertion.

Another repeated theme in our conversation was that of what is currently overtaking our ears. Adam gushed about local band and friends, Lord Huron, who can be seen on a Coachella stage this spring. And speaking of an affinity for music, a visual tale of the leather wares can be seen on their website, filmed by cousins (yes, another familial checkmark) Leif Huron and Sawyer Gebauer.

In Las Vegas this month, the brothers introduced a highly-coveted, shell cordovan line to their smaller accessories collection at PROJECT LV, where they were invited to participate in a newly-curated section, The Tents. The line is centered around a leather in ridiculously high demand due to luxury of the look and feel and limited quantity. Horween is one of two tanneries in the world that processes the hide.

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