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Generationals Heza

Generationals are a duo of dapper dudes from New Orleans who put together positively compelling pop music that is both timeless and timely. Theirs are songs that little kids like to dance to but that could just as easily move a room of powder-bitten revelers until dawn.

Their new record Heza, is out next Tuesday on Polyvinyl. Until then, you can check out the video for “Put a Light On,” and read on, as Ted Joyner (at right) talks about green and teal pants, red socks, fancy jackets, furry religious hats and an invincible Hindu goddess called Durga.

To me, your last album, Actor-Caster, felt like my favorite pair of pants—the ones I want to wear every day. Heza reminds me more of a pair of risque pants that I had to wear around the house for a week before taking out into the world and thoroughly enjoying.

Yeah you’re probably right. When listened to back-to-back, Heza might seem a little more experimental in some ways. But when we start on a new project, I don’t think we think of it in the context of our previous records. We are always just eager to write new stuff that is more in line with what we’re into at that moment.

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And of course what we’re into is always sort of evolving, so Actor-Caster is definitely a snap shot of where we were over the summer of 2010 and Heza is where we were during the spring of 2012. It is probably true that Heza might take a few more listens to get used to, where Actor-Caster was a little more ready to wear out of the box. We didn’t consciously do that—that’s just a reflection of our mood at the time.

Did pants play a big part?

Pants are important. I definitely tend towards pants I can wear all the time that can be suited to different occasions. I just got some green pants that I’ve been wearing in my apartment lately to get to know them. I’ve only worn them out once or twice. I feel like those might be my official Heza pants while on tour this year. I also have these teal pants that my fiance has been trying to get me to wear out more but I’m still trying to feel them out. Pants are key.

Does the song “Kemal” have anything to do with this Turk? Either way, how do you feel about tall warm hats and/or lots of dangling chest metal?

That song MIGHT take its name from that guy. What I will say is that it is NOT a reference to Kemal from Downton Abbey. Beyond that, I’d like to keep it vague for now.

When it comes to headwear, where we’re from, hats are more for blocking the sun than dealing with the cold. But having said that, I don’t think either of us ever really wear hats that often anyway. But if we lived somewhere cold, rest assured it would be all furry head gear all the time.

Generationals Heza

I’ve always wanted to try on a shtreimel. But I know you can’t just rock one of those casually.

Do you have any lucky items of clothing that go on tour or into the studio?

I usually have a lucky shirt that I’ll wear so often on tour it starts falling apart. I just got a new shirt that I really like that will probably be my power shirt for the next tour. Sometimes it’s socks too. I have a pair of red socks that, when I wear them, I feel like good shit happens.

Generationals Heza

“Durga II” closes the record with a slightly sultry vibe. What do you wear when you want to impress invincible ladies like Durga?

I have a Dolce blazer I wear to fancy stuff. She might be into that.

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