Courtesy of NPR, fans of Ghostface Killah now have the opportunity to stream in its entirety his latest project that sees him paired with instrumentalist Adrian Younge. According to a press release, the album will be released via Soul Temple Records and is described as a mix of “classic 36 Chambers-era RZA with Portishead, and the Italian film music of Ennio Morricone.” Twelve Reasons to Die drops April 16 and can be pre-ordered here for $8 USD while a snapshot of what to expect from the album courtesy of NPR can be read below.

““The mood of the album is fragile, and the whole project is a definite risk. Both Ghostface and Younge are making fictional music here, but the knife’s edge they’re walking — between theater and theatrics, between noir and B-movie — feels very real. That they make it across without falling is a relief and an eye-opener.””

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