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It’s the time of year to start shedding some layers and letting your lower arms feel the sweet breeze of summer. A t-shirt is a t-shirt but while you’re in a more carefree mood why not ramp it up a level and go for an all over print? Let the world know you’re not messing. Here we pick some lairy favourites including the likes of Jungmaven, Markus Lupfer, Raf Simons, Beat Generation, Perks and Mini and Universal Works.

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Markus Lupfer White Bugs and Studs T-Shirt ($275)

If you’ve ever dreamed of being covered in bugs but find the reality of actually being covered in bugs a little daunting, look no further than this insect heavy tee from Markus Lupfer.


Raf Simons Flo Flower and Fence-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt ($385)

Listen, this is a really expensive tee, we get that but Raf Simons wants to cover you in flowers and fences so if you’re up for splashing out make this man’s dreams come true.

Beat Generation Blue Flower Print Crew Neck Shirt ($90)

Ok, flowers but on an affordable scale. Beat Generation are here to remind us of a more optimistic, upbeat age when hair was long and two fingers meant ‘Peace’ not ‘Get Bent’.

Perks and Mini PAM Enjoy! T-Shirt BlueBerry Cola ($140)

A twisted, hi-energy, eye whipping shirt from PAM, a brand who never shy away from over the top print. Here they are, at it again. Those guys!

Universal Works Yayoi Tee ($80)

Polka Dots, effective, reliable and all over your chest should you choose this number from Universal Works.


Jungmaven Maze Batik Tee Goji Red ($92)

Excuse us for getting psychedelic twice in one post but it’s Friday, it’s not raining and theres’s a whole lot of grass just waiting for us to lie on. We’re going to sing anti-war songs and discuss a world without ‘The Man’ breathing down our necks. See you in five?

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