There are hotel pools and then there is the epic sublevel pool at the Bulgari Hotel in London. Situated in the Knightsbridge neighborhood, the Bulgari Hotel and Resort can only be described as exceptional to those visiting or residing in the 85 room hotel. While the pool and spa, both found in the lower, private levels, of the hotel are the focus of this story, we should shed some light on how we got here.

Recently, Bulgari invited us (and others) on a intensive, European adventure that would take us from Rome, Geneva, and London – in a matter of days – with each stop giving us insight into one of three categories of the Bulgari world: jewelry, watchmaking and of course their hotel spa/resort offering. We’ll explore their jewelry and watchmaking arms down the road. Today it is all about the hotel.

Designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, London’s Bulgari Hotel is quite simply one of the most luxurious environments for those of non-royalty to spend a weekend in London. Every aspect of the interior design of the Bulgari hotel property supports and compliments the various categories that Bulgari works in: dining room lighting fixtures and wall mounts use metals and details found throughout their jewelry line; bedroom door handles and lamps use similar metals polished to a perfection that seems to elevate the hotel experience with every head turn. Truth is: there not a single detail within the Bulgari Hotel in London that was not considered and re-considered before the doors of the hotel opened.

For the curious and those with an inkling for a getaway: the rooms of the Bulgari Hotel London are quite impressive. Each room is housed behind one of the most heavyweight hotel doors we have experienced. Be it for sound isolation or simply for the handling, the door and its girth helps project a level of privacy inside each room unlike what we have seen before. Grand and comfortable, the rooms offer every amenity one requires from a Bulgari hotel.

A very well stock fridge designed to replicate the look of a steamer trunk and adorned beautifully with detailed metals sat at the entry of our room that opened into a short hall that lead to the main room. A door at the far end of the room opens into a full sized marbled black bathroom that featured a full standing two-person shower, bathtub, and privacy-first toilet. Wood flats in the shower added an extra touch of comfort and color to the bathroom. All in all, the rooms were more than pleasant for this visitor to the Bulgari London Hotel.

While the rooms were everything one would expect from a Bulgari property, the sublevel of the hotel presented some of the most exceptional spa and pool accommodations available. You only need to look through our images to understand the sheer beauty of the Bulgari Hotel Pool and Spa floors.  It is a getaway that feels incredibly private and special.

Cabanas stand to the sides of the lap pool complimented by a hot relaxation pool featuring a wall of gold leaf and waterfall which add to the experience. Down this deep inside the Bulgari Hotel London, the pool level helps push the mark of excellence. Clearly Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel and Bulgari understood that being the very best in the category required sparing no expense. Spa facilities in the Bulgari Hotel London were quite proper with massage, yoga, and hot sauna available for all guests and residents.

We’ll return soon with some insight into the Bulgari watchmaking arm: a category of the Bulgari family that is quickly becoming one of the most dominant arms of the Bulgari family.



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