Is the new 2014 Mercedes S-Class "the Best Automobile in the World?" 2

Mercedes has high hopes for the newly unveiled 2014 S-Class automobile. The new vehicle comes with an overwhelming number of new features and innovations, making the S-Class a proper limo alternative or simply the biggest and most grandiose car on the road. Those fond of lighting will appreciate the nearly 300 LED lights in the cabin alone that offer multiple hue variations, massaging hot stone-like seats in the front and rear of the new S-Class use 14 cushions in the backrest to adjust and soothe while on the road. Self-dimming rear tailights are an impressive addition that look to assist the driver behind you.

Most impressive in the 2014 Mercedes S-Class is the “Air Balance Package” that filters, ionizes and emits five different fragrances of the driver’s choosing, taking the idea of that ‘new care smell’ to new heights.

Two versions are slated to hit the U.S.A. this fall:  the S550 in September and the S550 4Matic following in November with a hybrid coming next year.

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