Hair Cocktail No 43

Like a well-stocked bar, a grooming drawer with different tonics, cremes and tacky things gives you options to suit your mood and the occasion. The Rebounding Backsweep hair styling cocktail is named for its ability to recharge days after the original application and features a couple of nice pomades and a styling cream.

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First, wash and towel dry your hair. Then, squirt a dime-sized dollop of Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme into your hand (it looks very similar to something else you might excrete in the bathroom). Spread the stuff all over your palms and run it through your hair, massaging it into your roots with your fingertips for added lift.

Next, get a modest glob of Imperial Classic Pomade on your finger. This stuff is pretty thick. You can wet your palm before rubbing it in your hands to thin it some. Spread that through your hair and then comb it back into the style you like.

Go do some things so it can air dry just a bit. Then blow it dry with a blowdryer. It you want it to get big and tall, you can use a round brush or do a nice forward bend and dry your hair upside down: both actions look slightly insane.

Now brush it back and go for the Sumowax. Heat the red pot up with the dryer and start with a little bit. If you want your hair less billowy, use more, but use too much and your shit will get gummy.

Hair Cocktail No. 43

The Imperial goo is water activated, so if your hair gets mussy, you can wet a comb and get it back into shape (it might not stay as tall, though). You’ll want some hairspray, too. All of this stuff can get kind of expensive, so it’s recommended that you marry a hair stylist and enjoy it at cost.


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