Tune in and turn up

Described as American Punk Rock before American Punk Rock was even a thing, The Hackney Brothers, Bobby, David, and Dannis a.k.a DEATH are the subject of soon to be released documentary, ‘A Band Called DEATH.’ Hailing from Detroit at a time when Motown and Disco were all the rage, the band were forming their own original sound about as far away from the smooth vibes playing on local radio as you could imagine. Needless to say, they were rejected by every major record label, both their sound and ‘look’ seen as unmarketable and disbanded before finishing their first album, demos locked away in a dusty attic. However, as these stories tend to go, subsequent generations picked up on the band and DEATH would soon find itself in the cult category. A collection of early songs and roughcuts were realeased in 2011 as the album Spiritual • Mental • Physical and now we get to watch it all from the beginning in this new film. Sweet.

A Band Called DEATH-In cinemas June 28, available via iTunes VOD May 24

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