fantastic Man

Founders of Fantastic Man Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom speak to Magculture at the What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam. An incredible insight into the magazine’s beginnings, the initial concept was a simple one. Taking subjects that inspired them and placing them firmly at its core, the pair set out to create a journal about People. Described as a radical approach in the context of modern men’s publishing, this was a very deliberate move away from the predictable, aspirational, lifestyle magazine (fast cars, naked women, sharp suits) packing out newsagent shelves. A personal project that would hopefully strike a chord with its audience (it did), their now instantly recognisable aesthetic created something formal in its presentation while the writing and straightforward approach kept a thread of humour and irony running through its pages. The Gentlewoman followed on with a similar ethos, finding success from issue one. Most definitely worth 25 minutes of your Friday – Press play below.

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