Like every week in the past and all weeks to come, this one has come to an end. Before heading into the endless possibilities of next week, however, we take a look back at what some of our lovely readers had to say. Check out all 10 below and join us next week for another exciting roundup of the week’s best comments.


#10 commented on: KAWS Teases Massive Wooden Sculpture

“Frood Dood: “Wonder what pop-Freudians say about skinny, White men and colossal cylinders made of mahogany.””


#09 commented on: Sky Ferreira and Matthew Gray Gubler at Terry Richardson’s Studio

“Rafał Lopski Lopez: “How to make photo like Terry Richardson? 1. find a white wall 2. take a picture””


#08 commented on: Billionaire Boys Club 10th Anniversary Dinner – Pharrell, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and More

“Steven McGyver: “Nice grey hoodie, Beyonce.””


#07 commented on: MUSGUARD Rollable Bike Fenders

“Ty Ran Warren: “Hipsters scared of a wet bum!””


#06 commented on: Lacoste Teams Up With Goyard, Hermes, Fauchon & Others for Its 80th Anniversary

“Gerard Klomp: “That better come with a sticker saying ” this way up, crocodile inside””


#05 commented on: Watch the ‘Machete Kills’ Trailer starring Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba and More

“johan andrén: “with that cast they could book the top spot on…. bottom #100 imdb right fucking now.””


#04 commented on: Lanvin “BMX” High Top Sneaker

“Richard J. Park: “wack.”

Kea Stewart: “No thank you!”

Drew Godwin: “One Kanye wear would change all of your minds.””


#03 commented on: ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Reimagined in the ’80s & ’90s

“Richard Vásey Vase: “You don’t know NUFFIN abowt grunge JUHNN SNOUGHHHH.””


#02 commented on: visvim Vintage Bandana Patchwork Shorts

“Jorma Bailey: “These work in Compton like gasoline underwear work in hell.””


#01 commented on: Hurley x KICKS/HI Limited Edition Phantom Shorts & Free Sandals

“Chael: “I want the pineapple! Where can I buy it?””

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