Like every week in the past and all weeks to come, this one has come to an end. Before heading into the endless possibilities of next week, however, we take a look back at what some of our lovely readers had to say. We also dug in to the active comments section of our Instagram page in order to include the more mobile-inclined among us in the conversation. Check out all 10 below and join us next week for another exciting roundup of the week’s best comments.


#10 commented on: Wake Alarm App – A Fun Way to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Sal Osorio: there’s never a fun way to wake up…..


#9 commented on: 5 Tumblrs We’re Enjoying This Week: Obama Reading Your Email, Ugly Belgian Houses and More

Richard Barrett: thank you. I really mean that.


#8 commented on: Samsung Unveils the GALAXY S4 Zoom

vladstet: Lol damn what if that zoomed in your pocket… Givin people the wrong idea


#7 commented on: Michael Jordan’s Flu Game & The Vulnerability of Superstars

stonybourdain: Pippen ain’t easy


#6 commented on: The Sixteen Best Quotes from Kanye West’s New York Times Interview

Psychedelic: “This one Corbusier lamp was like, my greatest inspiration … I’m a minimalist in a rapper’s body.”

Kanye loves lamp.


#5 commented on: A.P.C. Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

whatupfatlip: Isn’t “pre-fall” just Summer?


#4 commented on: Apple Unveils iOS 7

asdfghjkl669: At least they’re listening to daft punk


#3 commented on: A Look Inside Mike D’s Beautiful Brooklyn Townhouse

AT: If he’s in Brooklyn, does that mean he can sleep now?


#2 commented on: Facebook Announces Hashtag Search Function

Matt Finn: #finally


#1 commented on: Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 at E3 2013

Woolven: Shut-up and take my arguably reasonable amount of money!

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