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buzz rickson

Mister Freedom help celebrate 20 years of Buzz Ricksons, one of the finest repro labels out there. Digging through the Japanese brand’s sizeable archives, the folks at Mister Freedom came up with PENSACOLA Seaplane Jacket. “We imagined that a special test/prototype jacket had been developed by the Naval Air Factory (NAF), to be worn on Base and for training only…We blended decades of pre WW2 flight apparel History, freely borrowing from iconic mil-specs jackets and willingly mixing eras.” The central point of inspiration is the A-1, the cut then modified and plenty of tweaks and twists added. Corduroy lining (a USN peacoat reference), 14oz navy cotton (a little something from the popular N1) as well as Mil-specs wool knit cuffs, waist band and collar band, detachable white anchor ring buttons and dual branded contract label. Plenty more detail to get your teeth into with this ode to a selection of great military wear, head here for more and to order your own.

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