As we relax from the weekend’s activities and prepare for the week ahead, we take a look back on what some of our lovely readers had to say about this week’s hot topics. It goes without saying, a lot of discussion centered around Big Sean’s track “Control (HOF)” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Of course, a variety of other events make their way onto this week’s roundup as well. Keep the funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming and, in the meantime, check out this week’s finest below.


#10 commented on: Louis Vuitton “Born and Raised” Editorial for Highsnobiety Magazine #7

“mmm bacon: that bacon sandwich tho”


#09 commented on: Print Lost Keys with the KeyMe App

“Mike Estacio: you just uploaded information on how to make a key to get into your house to the Cloud…now the CIA can come into your house while you sleep and spoon with you…”


#08 commented on: Wally 55 Sports Cruiser

“Filipe de Colofon: Drug lords will kick ass this summer!”


#07 commented on: iPhone 6 Wrap-Around Screen Concept

“push: Sunny, 32 degrees, Amsterdam. Definitely conceptual.”


#06 commented on: BBC Black Fall 2013 Lookbook

“Raised by Champions: Yawnnnn!!! Check out

NoOneCurr: *Checks out this dude’s tumblr* “Yaaawwwnnn””


#05 commented on: adidas Originals by Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Delivery Two

“Dêmõnš Knîght Légèñdårý: Those Heels can take someones life…”


#04 commented on: The World’s Highest-Paid DJs of 2013

“craby: its almost like a list of my least favourite dj’s”


#03 commented on: Nike “Weatherman” Pack

“Voltron Burgundy: “Ultrasound” colorway coming for Valentines Day. Wrap it up.”


#02 commented on: Puma RS100 “Animal”

“Garry Dow: Looks like a Jamaican Pimp made himself some shoes.

Richard Barrett: I am a Jamaican (not a pimp) and I approve this message.”


#01 commented on: Big Sean Breaks Down “Control (HOF)” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

“Gerard Klomp: they might have lifted the bar, but no way he’s lifting those weights”

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