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Vipp Can 2013 01
Vipp Can 2013 02

be-pôles, a French graphic design studio, teams up with Danish furniture designers, Vipp, on “La Poubelle Merci” trash cans. Thankfully, they aren’t dressed in couture fabric or encrusted with Swarovski crystals like we’ve seen from Vipp‘s “trashion” cans before. This time around, they are clean black-and-white cylinders with be-pôles’s signature typography delineating the item’s specifications in sober print, saying “La poubelle de 14 litres” (French for ’14 liters of garbage’). They are a whopping $400 each (or $465 for the larger 18-liter one), but if it helps any, they come with a ten-year warranty. Available at Merci.

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