• Great Little Trading Co.

    Personalized Pencils

    You had me at personalized. Getting your name engraved onto your belongings is one small step towards making you feel like you've made it and these lead pencils even come in a box.


    Celluloid Pencil Case

    Pencil cases should be kept minimal or you'll just end up accumulating all sorts of rubbish. This one is made from celluloid, an early form of plastic, and comes in a nice tortoiseshell print.

  • Kaweco

    Classic Fountain Pen

    Fountain pens are so damn classy, I hope to god people are still using them. The majority of us rarely even use pens nowadays, but it would be nice if when we did they were as good as this one.

  • Present&Correct

    Giant Button Card

    This card is literally cute as a button. Keep it on standby for when you need to say thank you/get well/happy birthday/any other generic kind of greeting.

  • Papelote

    Skica Sketchbook

    For those of you who are more frequently sketching, drawing, designing, whatever, this sketchbook is made with 250g paper and is enclosed with an elastic strap with five slots for pens and pencils.


    Potato Chips Memo

    Make writing reminders fun! These memo pads are not only in the shape and color of potato chips, but they even smell like them too. Why? Why not, more like it!

  • Poketo

    Capsule Letters

    The post-modern, drug-addled society's version of a message in a bottle. A message in a capsule. Write a little note and leave it with a love one for a fun little surprise.

  • D.L. & Co

    Skull Stationery

    These Italian note cards come with dye-cut envelopes, making them almost too nice to give away. So it's completely fine if you just want to keep them to yourself.


    Bloc Small Notepad

    If we were still at school and it was the first day of the new year when everyone is subtly comparing stationery, you would totally slay everybody with this notepad from Japanese-label NEIGHBORHOOD.

  • MUJI

    Folding Pencase Scissors

    It seems like everybody is always on the hunt for scissors in our office and nobody ever has them. Why not make the hunt even more fun with this handy pair that folds into a small case not much bigger than a pen?

Accessories October, 28 2013

Buyer’s Guide: 10 Great Pieces of Stationery Out Now

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I have a real weakness for decent stationery – partly born out of the fact it was the only shopping trip that I could justify almost every purchase. A range of 50 different-colored pencils – for geography. Pens – a no-brainer. A fountain pen – it will improve my handwriting. Correction fluid – because I’m left-handed so I make a complete mess with a fountain pen. I could justify almost anything on that stationery aisle, but because I’m no longer in school and my parents are no longer providing my writing equipment for me, I have to be more selective. But at least this means I can shop outside of the supermarket, so here’s 10 of the nicest stationery items we managed to find on the net, available now.