Light Up with the New KNOG Blinder Road 3 Lights

Making yourself visible while riding a bicycle at night may be as important as wearing a helmet: a front and rear light beam inform drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of your presence. But not all bicycle lights are the same nor do they give off the same luminance — as we discovered in our look at various lights back in 2012 — and depending on your road conditions, this is of critical importance.

Australia’s KNOG continues to innovate in the bicycle light space. Offering various front and rear bicycle lights with varying degrees of luminosity, most rechargeable by a well hidden USB dongle, KNOG continues to develop lighting product with riders in mind. The latest KNOG Blinder Road 3 Lights are some of the brightest beams on the market in a well designed polycarbonate and rubber body that looks great on and off the bicycle. With more than 300 lumens of light, the Blinder Road 3 Lights are about as good as it gets in compact bicycle light design: the product feels durable, sturdy and feels like an HID-equivalent for road cyclists. It is our favorite road light of the moment.

The new KNOG Blinder Road 3 front and rear lights are available online from KNOG and Amazon.

Photography: Thomas Welch/

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