A promising piece of kit looking for support on Kickstarter. Flykly from New York designer Niko Klansek and a team of engineers and bike build specialists is a smart rear wheel designed to fit on any bike, making up hill and just about anywhere a much easier ride. Once you’ve replaced your old wheel with the new, an app allows you to set a maximum speed which you’ll reach once you start to pedal. Weighing in at only 9 lbs, with a top speed of 20 mph for up to 30 miles, the app features clever little touches like a remote lock and GPS as well as the ability to share rides with friends and, once FlyKly gets to know your habits, receive suggested routes to make things a little easier. Add to that the smart light which clips on to the handlebars allowing you to view your phone and app, charge it and illuminate your path and you’ve got something pretty special. Get involved with FlyKly over here and watch below to find out more.

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