Where form meets function

The age-old humidifier was destined to be redesigned after sitting for decades as boxy eyesore in living rooms and bedrooms throughout the world. Their common, square box shape with side ventilation took up space in floors and were best hidden away in corners.

Today, modern design techniques have come a long way in bringing life back to the common humidifier and roolen may be leading the way. Designed in “Asia,” roolen appliances focus on providing products that hit a sweet spot that meets the needs of most users. With their Breath Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier, roolen delivers a beautifully designed table-top humidifier that no longer needs to hide in the corner. Inside the roolen Breath is new technology that detects and adjusts humidity output levels to keep rooms at a comfortable 40 – 50% humidity while consuming less energy than traditional humidifiers. The quiet internal motor is an added bonus. roolen Breath exterior has a porcelain-like finish — in black or white — along with one hidden button to toggle between humidity output levels.

The roolen Breath Ultrasonic humidifier is available on Amazon for $130.

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