During the last week, A.P.C. released its pre-Spring 2014 collection, Google Glass introduced music apps with Young Guru, Mike Frederiqo reimagined the BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club logos, we got to see Kate Moss the Playboy Bunny, and that’s just the beginning. Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned topics and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

#10 commented on: A.P.C. Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

Gan: beautiful

#09 commented on: Google Glass Introduces Music Apps with Young Guru

mjaumjau: fo real though young guru is a legend

#08 commented on: Harley Davidson Sportster “Stealth Bullet” by Rough Crafts

Cornelius Quiring: This is how to make Harley relevant to a new generation. God it looks cool!

#07 commented on: Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Noah’ starring Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins

KL: just watched the whole film in 2 minutes 22 seconds

#06 commented on: A Day in the Life of Nike CEO Mark Parker

Itsnotgood: Bet he doesnt struggle to get up in the morning!

#05 commented on: Nike ACG Alder Mid OMS ERDL

Agitate: (In a loud voice to the masses of sneaker boots) “Behold! I am your true master.”

#04 commented on: Nike+ FuelBand SE METALUXE Collection

phat: Add GPS and a heart rate monitor and ill pay 200 no metaluxe collection needed. Waste of time. Who’s getting paid at Nike for coming up with these #STUPIDDUMBFUCKINGIDEAS !?

SS: Why is it stupid to make a sporting accessory more refined and exclusive, so that it has potential to reach a broader audience. From Nike’s perspective this is extra $$$ in the bank. I do agree that they should throw in some more tech gadgets, but building on exclusivity is a great strategy

#03 commented on: The $25,000 USD Converse Chuck Taylor All Star by Nate Lowman

Luke McGahan: $25,000 for a pair of converses that resemble the t-shirt Alan wears in the hangover…

#02 commented on: Kate Moss the Playboy Bunny – A First Look

HUGH: Ya’ll are whack…she’s still one of the hottest things on this planet

#01 commented on: Mike Frederiqo Reimagines the BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club Logos for Highsnobiety

ポケモントレーナー: holy based ching chong that shit is trippy weird

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