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S.E.H Kelly
S.E.H Kelly

The folk behind S.E.H Kelly recently took a trip to Donegal, Ireland to get up close with the makers responsible for some of the fine cloths used across their outerwear range as well as the milliners who put together their new line in headwear. In fact, in the case of these smart hats, a few miles apart you’ll find the yarn spinners, the tweed mill and cap maker who put together the final piece. A locally made product from start to finish. Paul Vincent of the label briefly talks us through some of the beautiful shots taken on their journey, all of which can be found in our gallery.

“County Donegal in north-west Ireland is a remote place, and dotted all over its landscape, here and there, are some really good makers. We began working with a father-and-son mill in January — we made some blazers with their cloth, and last month, caps and peacoats. Their cloth is a little different to the stuff for which the area is famous: their patterns are more contemporary and palette muted.

What’s great about this part of the world, for a brand like us, is how these makers are all tied together. They all go back together a long way and so local word of mouth helps us discover more makers. It was via the father-son mill, in fact, that we found the cap-maker nearby  and then, beyond that, hand-knitters and yarn-spinners, all of whom we hope to work with next year.”

Words:Paul Vincent

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