Architecture December, 5 2013

A Look Inside AirBnB’s New San Francisco Headquarters

It’s no coincidence that some of the most successful companies decide to quickly pump their money into creating spacious, airy and contemporary office spaces. A well-designed office space is not only an opportunity to show off the brand’s success, but will no doubt stimulate the employee’s productivity. And it makes for great viewing for everyone else.

AirBnB enlisted the help of design creatives Gensler to transform a former industrial building into AirBnB’s homely new San Francisco headquarters. Situated in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, the architects hollowed out a central atrium space to filter in sunlight and included a GSky Green Wall which features 1,226 square feet of greenery that stretches three floors high. The individual office spaces are all replicas of actual homes that can be rented through AirBnB. The residential theme continues throughout, with a cafeteria that resembles a large kitchen environment and a boardroom that feels more like a cozy living room. There’s even a place for employees to lay their head down for a nap. That’s my kind of work place.