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raf simons

Raf Simons has a history of twisting the fashion world into forms that challenge people’s idea of the industry. The designer’s upcoming collaboration with American multifaceted artist Sterling Ruby proves to be no exception. As Mr. Simons explains, “for one season, the brand ‘Raf Simons’ will not exist.” Instead, for Fall Winter 2014 the designer will present a complete collection with Sterling Ruby, rumored to feature a coat comprised of 75 different types of fabric along with various other promisingly original pieces. Having worked closely in the past on smaller scale projects, the creative pair assure that the entire line will be a completely joint venture, or a “mutual thinking process,” rather than simply teaming up on a few collaboration pieces. With the intense commitment to enable balanced input from both artists and ensuring that no technical issues stunt the creative process, the collection will give us a fresh take on the age old relationship between art and fashion and the forms they are able to take on. Keep an eye out here for the launch of this exciting project unveiled January 15 in Paris, “…a complete men’s wardrobe that will combine the aggressive formal aesthetics of artist Sterling Ruby with Raf Simons constant search for innovation in men’s fashion.”

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