Landline Smartphone Handset

    A good avenue to go down is always the novelty route. Let your friend/associate pretend they're using an old school phone when it's actually connected to their smartphone. Hours of fun.

  • Rockwell

    Leather Card Holder

    This leather card holder by Rockwell by Parra features one of their iconic designs embossed on the front. Because everyone can always do with a wallet upgrade.

  • Big Mouth Toys

    Red Cup Shot Glasses

    Step up your red cup game with this set of four ceramic shot glasses.

  • Raised by Wolves

    Alert Watch Cap

    Here's a great beanie that's made in Canada by local streetwear brand Raised by Wolves. It comes ribbed and in a charcoal grey for that elusive, classic look.

  • Moleskine

    Gift Box Writing Set

    This Moleskine set includes one pocket-ruled notebook with an expandable inner pocket and a refillable matte black roller pen, for all your writing needs.

  • Belkin

    Bluetooth Music Receiver

    This device from Belkin allows you to wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your home stereo or stand-alone speakers with superior music quality.

  • Mobee

    Magic Charger for Apple Mouse

    I've got a Magic Mouse. It's great. But do you know how quickly it eats batteries? If only one of you had me for Secret Santa, you could have bought me this.


    Camera Lens Mug

    Show that you know your photographer friend is a fan of photography with a photography themed gift. A mug disguised as a camera lens!

  • Kaws

    Kaws Book

    Everybody's favorite graffiti-cum-fine artist has finally been given a publication containing a comprehensive survey of his work.

  • Random House

    Back in the Days Book

    Back in the Days documents the emerging hip-hop scene from 1980 to 1989 before it became the multimillion-dollar manufactured industry it is now.

  • Yamamoto Industries

    Bungee Cord for iPhone 5/5s

    It's a pet peeve of mine that the lead for my iPhone charger barely reaches from the plug socket to my bed. The bungee charger cord is two meters in length so that problem is soon to be a distant memory.

  • Diamond Supply Co.

    Diamond Dice Black

    This set of five die will up the classiness of any game, gambling or otherwise.

  • SSUR

    Playing Cards

    If someone gets dice and another gets these cards from SSUR, you've basically got all you need to host your own casino.

  • Cool Material

    Bicycle Wine Rack

    This wine holster is the answer to the prayers of everybody who has had the thought, "how can I securely carry this bottle of wine to my destination without it breaking and having to come up with an excuse about why I didn't bring any wine?"

  • Good Worth x Repop

    Middle Finger Key

    This key is very good. That is all.

  • Supreme

    Hanes Tagless T-shirts (3-pack)

    Everybody loves that red box logo. Here's three of them printed seamlessly onto three separate T-shirts.

  • Opening Ceremony for Neal Feay Studio

    Small Tray

    Every home needs a small tray to put all your random shit in. Here's a really lovely one you can get for someone.

  • HUF

    Tie Dye Plantlife Crew Sock

    Everybody always needs socks, so as much as they're a cliche present, they're also much appreciated. And these HUF ones will make sure they stand out.

  • Rastaclat

    Braided Charm Bracelet

    This braided teal keychain from Rastaclat features rose gold electroplated metal and lasered logo emblems.

  • Asphalt Yacht Club

    Nautical 2 Red Bucket Hat

    2013 was the year bucket hats started popping off, 2014 is the year that they'll be here to stay. Asphalt Yacht Club have made this one in red with a subtle tribal print.

Accessories December, 20 2013

20 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $55

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Christmas is the season of giving. The season of giving gifts to people you barely know at work, or elsewhere, all in the name of an organized activity called Secret Santa. If you’re lucky enough to know the person whose name you picked out of a hat on a piece of folded paper, then the task at hand is slightly more feasible. If you’ve never even spoken to them, let alone know their name, it’s a slightly more difficult task. It’s easy to go down the novelty gift route, and it’s often the most successful, but sometimes it’s great to get something you actually need, too. So we’ve complied a list with a combination of the two with nothing more than $55, and most things coming way under.