• Gadget Snowflakes

    by Ghica Popa

    Romanian illustrator Ghica Popa presents his take on a Christmas staple. Appearing rather simple at first glance, a closer inspection reveals a technological twist on the classic snowflake design. Enjoy the attention to detail throughout.

  • Holiday Basics

    by Josha Lohrengel

    Berlin-based illustrator Josha Lohrengel outfits a contrasting sweater with a geometric Christmas tree surrounded by snowflakes. A Highsnobiety logo tops things off while the artist's alias lays discreetly below.

  • Fading Glory

    by Alexei Vella

    Toronto-based illustrator Alexei Vella applies his signature touch to this holiday sweater. With a strong focus on the center graphic, the contrast ribbing and the scratched fade effect makes for a stylish and trendy top.

  • Future Christmas

    by Antoni Tudisco

    Hamburg-based illustrator Antoni Tudisco applies his experiments in modeling and melting to this Christmas sweater. A Santa cap-clad figure is adorned by a halo and finished off in a metallic red sheen for a high-fashion, street-savvy essential.

  • The Last Design Icons Supper

    by Mike Frederiqo

    Young Dutch illustrator Mike Frederiqo presents this all-over sweater featuring a range of design icons from yesterday and today. Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel sit comfortably while Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Anna Wintour, Gianni Versace and Louis Vuitton make their appearance known.

  • Sneakerhead Knit Sweater

    by Mark Stewart Jr.

    Inspired by our own collaboration with ASICS back in 2009, illustrator Mark Stewart Jr. created this knit sweater with features from the kicks woven into it. Also present is the Highsnobiety logo, while the ombre olive finish is thrown in for that coveted high-fashion feel.

  • Christmas Fried Chicken

    by Jason Munro

    Inspired by the chicken shops that crop up around London each Christmas, illustrator Jason Munro designed this exceptional piece, satisfying an entire checklist of holiday necessities. A true tongue-in-cheek classic.

  • Neon Christmas

    by James Boorman

    Illustrated originally as a GIF, James Boorman's entry makes use of bright neon colors against a navy blue sweater with a subtle speckle pattern. The result is an arresting design reminiscent of the holiday night sky.

  • Christmas Collage

    by Katrin Kuhn

    Collage artist Katrin Kuhn applies her unique take of the form with a black-and-white beauty against a starry night sky and colorful Christmas treats. Taking advantage of the current all-over print trend, a classic candy cane makes its way from the front of the sweater to the sleeve.

  • A Burry Gucci Holiday

    by Alex Usow

    Based out of Gastown, Vancouver, one-man art collective Alex Usow re-appropriates Gucci Mane's likeness for his cheeky design. In place of the American poet's ice cream tattoo, Usow places a seasonal Christmas tree and presents.

Clothing December, 25 2013

Highsnobiety presents 10 Illustrated Christmas Sweaters

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To finish off our month of holiday specials, we present 10 Christmas sweaters, each illustrated by a different illustrator. We gave each participant carte blanche, resulting in a wide range of styles and techniques. While some drew upon Highsnobiety and daily offerings, others let the environment around them influence their design. Although each design is purely conceptual at the moment, let us know which you like most in the comments section below and, if the stars align, we may just produce it.

Enjoy all of them in the gallery above and head over to our holiday site for more seasonal goodness.