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Not to get all ten crack commandments on you, but there are rules to these sales and they’ve made us well-dressed animals. We’ve been in this game for a while so we’ve decided to impart some knowledge your way because we’re gentlemen. So, without further ado, take a leap to read the gentlemanly guide to sale season.


Git up, Git Out, Git around the stores

The internet, while not quite what it set out to be, is still amazing. And, more importantly, it’s vast. So get out there and search every online store possible. If you want to go next level, check your favorite brands’ stockist list and search for the stores you haven’t heard of before. There’s probably ones on that list that are dying to get rid of that Our Legacy coat you’ve had in your mood board for the last six months.


Know your size

Yeah, yeah, you’re a medium. But, as you’ll know from bitter experience, all clothes aren’t made equal. So a medium in one brand is a small or a large in another. You’ll find that most designer brands tend to skewer small, so it’d be wise to size up if you’re planning on purchasing a brand you’ve never tried on before. Nothing worse than getting an exclusive Haversack jacket and finding out it’s so tight you can’t move your arms.


Double up

This tip is: a) linked to the previous tip and; (b) has potential to make you look a bit crazy. But you might want to double up on purchases in different sizes. Before you do this, check the store’s sale return policy. If they take returns, do it. If not, don’t. You’ll never recoup the money on eBay, it’s far more likely you’ll get some dickhead complaining that the pit-to-pit measurements were 0.5cm different from your measurements so he can’t pay for it. Why buy two sizes of the same item? Simple. If it’s an item you really want, then you don’t want some pesky sniper buyer swooping in and buying the size you need because you didn’t know Junya runs small.


Did you want it earlier?

This is an obvious test. Would you have bought this at full price? Did you look at the price tag and the brand name before the item itself? If you answered yes to the first question, buy it. If you answered yes to the second question, don’t. Nobody cares if you’ve got a Jil Sander jumper if it’s ugly.


Be a window shopper

No impulse purchases here. Make a folder on your browser and put anything that catches your eye into it. That way you can come back later, mull it over and decide if you really want it. It’s smart shopping.


Russian Roulette

You’ve got your bookmarked folder. It’s full of goods that’ll make you the biggest bawse that they’ve seen thus far. Now, you wait. That’s right, wait until the sales go deeper. It could go wrong and you’ll miss out. But, then again, it could go right and you’ll end up with an item you’ve always wanted at a ridiculous price.


Just do it

If you see something you really want in your size at a price you can afford, just buy it. The extra pep in your step is priceless. Look at John Travolta.

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