The number of new consumer electronics produced every year is astonishing, let alone the amount of vintage gear that is set aside for newer “superior” product. We’ve put together a collection of vintage hi-fi equipment that we love and has lasted the test of time. You don’t need to spend an arm or leg to get a proper rig set up. Audiophile or not, we think you should consider vintage. See our selection below.

Telefunken Rondo Stereo Set

Telefunken is a classic German brand that’s famous for producing some of the finest studio microphones. This teak wood record player/radio set comes complete with original Wega loudspeakers. Find it and other similar items here.


Braun RT20 Tube Radio

Braun, another classic German company (see a trend here?) designed some of the most beautiful home electronics ever and have been cited as a main reference for Steve Job’s Apple designs. This small tube radio was produced in the early 60s and still hold incredible aesthetic value today. Find it and other similar items here.


Sennheiser HD 414 Headphones

This pair vintage Sennheiser would be a unique addition to any collection. Alghough these may seem like “light” headphones, we suggest a decent headphone amp to really hear them shine. Find it and other similar items here.


Marantz SP4115 Speaker Set

Maratz is known for their high-end audiophile equipment like these beautiful wooden cased loud speakers. If you’re using a vintage turntable or receiver, we definitely suggest a set like these to compliment. These are rather large, so make sure you have the living room space. Find it and other similar items here.


 Technics RS-641 Stereo Cassette Deck

Remember dubbing you own cassette tapes? We do. Cassettes bring back a certain, but very different “homemade” nostalgia when compared to vinyl. Technics is always a good choice for any gearhead out there. Find it and other similar items here.


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