Where the runway meets the street

Tuscany-based brand President’s presents their Spring/Summer 2014 collection via an accompanying lookbook. In addition to providing an expertly crafted range of staples, President’s chose photographer Hugh Holland to encompass this season’s theme, continuing their tradition of supporting one artist per season.


Using Holland’s photo Hangin’ in Balboa, shot in Newport in 1975, the Italian label has planned exhibitions, events and books designed to support the artist while providing the appropriate context for their latest offerings.

In line with the inspiration of Puerto Rican prints and the warm colors of ’60s and ’70s California skate culture, the Spring/Summer 2014 circle is completed by the photography of Hugh Holland and a limited edition collection of skateboards, handmade by Atypical exclusively for President’s.

President’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection will soon be available at SEVENBELL.

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