For those of us who like to cycle, this season has been particularly harsh on us to commute what with all the rain and snow. But undefeated, we at Selectism wanted to share how we still conquer the streets on our bikes. The temperature may be gradually warming up but here’s a list of items that will get you through fickle city precipitation any time.


Fitbit Flex Tracker Wristband

Flex by Fitbit is a wireless GPS and tracking device that records the amount of distance traveled or calories burned. Its lightweight and simplistic design makes it look like a sleek bracelet, wearable both on and off the bike. ($100)


Rapha Neoprene Overshoes

These durable 100% neoprene overshoes will protect your feet against the rain and snow and prevent them from slipping off the pedals. The logo and heel are reflective for safe riding in the dark. ($85)


Yakima Carrier

Yakima Whispbar WB200 Mount Bike Carrier

This award-winning bike carrier was originally designed by a Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, so it guarantees high-performance functionality and sleek design. Its trademarked Smartfoot technology allows it to grip onto a variety of car roof types and be removed in seconds when not in use. ($269)


Toob Keychain

TOOB Innertube Keychain

Sourced from local bicycle shops in Tel Aviv, these keychains made of recycled innertubes are cleaned and cut by hand. Easy to button onto your belt or belt loop, you won’t have to worry about your keys falling out of your pockets or banging against you from your lanyard when you’re biking. ($7)


Chrome Citizen Salvage Military Tent Bag

Chrome Citizen Salvage Military Tent Bag

This strap-on crossbody by Chrome is made of vintage military tent fabric, so every bag is unique. The straps of the bag are reflective for safe riding in the dark and there are internal fasteners to keep your goods secure. ($180)


Hövding Airbag Scarf Helmet

Developed in collaboration with airbag manufacturer Alva Sweden, this wearable collar turns into a protective shock-absorbing helmet when it detects an accident. It has sensors that monitor the cyclist’s movements by measuring abnormal changes in velocity or angle and takes a tenth of a second to inflate. The airbag also contains a black box that records the cyclist’s movement during the accident. And all this comes in changeable skins in different patterns so you can match with your outfit. ($497)


Topo Roll-Top Backpack

Colorado’s Topo produce understated, outdoor-inspired bags in a wide range of great colorways. This roll-top pack is the perfect size for the morning commute to work or a ride cross-town. The large main compartment features a laptop sleeve and is accompanied by convenient side zip pockets for quick access of your items. ($198)


PEdALED Winter Cycling Hat 

Japanese cycling specialist PEdALED make this insulated winter riding cap. This is a must for the dedicated rider who ignores weather conditions and cycles year-round. Made in Italy from poly Windtex. ($55)


Chrome Knurled Welded Waterproof Roll-Top Bag

The Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltop from Chrome is for any heavy-duty biker. The bag is constructed using Chrome’s proprietary welding, made to withstand anything, making it the perfect bag for camping, adventure riding, or any sort of all-weather commuting. ($120)


Rapha Apparel Re-Proofer

Have that jersey you just can’t give up? We understand. Rapha makes this clever “re-proofer” that will restore your technical garment’s water resistance. We suggest checking that this is compatible with your specific garment before use. ($15)


Editor: Elaine YJ Lee

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