Last week, we showed you an in-depth look at Absolut‘s #NextFrame project with behind-the-scenes footage and interview of Rafael Grampá, the renowned Brazilian graphic novelist who spearheaded the project. Producing Grampá’s first feature 3D animated film, Dark Noir, Absolut held its premiere in Berlin’s MADE last week to the public and journalists from all around the world. But the global reach of #NextFrame stems far beyond the audience who watched the film in Berlin: A collaborative initiative that combined the artistic talents of Grampá and thousands of Absolut Facebook fans, #NextFrame heavily pushed and continues to push the boundaries of creativity. Having included ideas from over 20 countries, Absolut redefines what it means to not only produce a work of art but also to interact with the world.

#NextFrame is the first of a series of collaborations that will come from Absolut as part of their “Transform Today” campaign. Jonas Tåhlin, Vice President of Global Marketing at Absolut, says that “#NextFrame builds on Transform Today’s idea of ‘The future is not a given; It’s yours to create,’ by offering an opportunity to those who were inspired by the campaign to actually co-create it.” Leveraging Absolut’s global network of almost five million Facebook fans, #NextFrame incorporated thousands of ideas from submissions and included the fans in the process frame-by-frame via live updates from Grampá’s studio.

Known for his strong ink works on Batman and Mesmo Delivery, Grampá also pushed his own envelope by working with UK-based Red Knuckles to transform Vincent Black — one of his characters and protagonist of Dark Noir — from 2D to 3D. The entire #NextFrame project encompasses several different forms of media, communication channels, cultures, and expertise, resulting in one impressive film that wholly represents Absolut’s commitment to innovation and creativity. #NextFrame sets the new model standard of utilizing what’s at our fingertips to successfully work together, and ultimately, inspire each other.

To watch the full short film, press play below and look out for news on Absolut’s next Transform Today collaboration by following their Facebook page.

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