• Peacoat

    Of all the available outerwear options, the peacoat might not be the most outstanding nor individual piece. Chances are you will see them all over the place once winter sets in. However, its widespread popularity doesn't come out of nowhere. Having stood the test of time, this essential is a versatile, easy-to-wear piece that keeps both style and body temperature up. So, when in doubt about what to buy, go for a peacoat.

  • Blazer

    Unless you're aiming for some kind of hot-shot banking career, you can easily ditch the suit. Go for a proper blazer instead and pair it with a neat button-up shirt and almost every kind of pants (chinos, jeans, contrast color suit pants) to give your casual everyday outfit a stylish spin.

  • Cardigan

    Without doubt one of the most versatile wardrobe staples, the cardigan makes for a lightweight alternative for a jacket on a chilly summer night, as well as providing you with an extra layer of warmth in winter.

  • Chinos

    Suit pants are a tad too formal and jeans won't do it either? Go for a clean pair of chinos then. Either in classic khaki or military green, they provide just the right amount of dressed-up, without being too stuffy or formal.

  • Dark Blue, Straight Leg Jeans

    With myriads of brands and styles flooding the denim market, it gets exhausting at times to find the right pair of jeans which convince in terms of fit, style and pricing. However, when in doubt, always go for a straight-leg dark blue pair and stay the hell away from funky colors, rips, tears, studs or any other kind of “trendy” embellishments.

  • Quality Leather Jacket

    The leather jacket has held a place in the Fashion Hall of Fame ever since Marlon Brando made it famous on the silver screen. While the classic Riders Jacket is a sure winner, there are a number of styles to chose from. Just be sure to invest in some quality hides. Nothing looks better than a worn-in, beautifully aged, patinated leather jacket.

  • Solid-Colored Boxer Briefs

    Do yourself and your special lady friend a favor and ditch those novelty-print boxer shorts. You're a grown man now, so dress the part and stock up on some solid-colored boxer briefs.

  • Solid-Colored Tee

    There is nothing wrong with a printed T-shirt. But it doesn't hurt to stock up on some plain ones too, for a clean yet casual look that doesn't involve displaying some funny one-liner or your favorite football team.

  • Solid-Colored Crewneck Sweater

    Whether it's made from cotton or luxurious cashmere, the solid-color crewneck sweater should be part of every grown man's wardrobe. Pair this versatile piece with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual sporty look, with a clean button up for a preppy vibe, or throw it together with a pair of suit pants for a more pulled-together appearance.

  • Solid-Colored Swimming Trunks

    Same idea as the undies. Although the beach may be one of the only places you can pull off funky colors, take our advice and just don't. Invest in a solid-colored (or classic-patterned) pair of swimming trunks instead, and leave the flashy neons to the bros.

  • Crisp White Button-Up Shirt

    The plain white button-up shirt fits every situation and complements every outfit. Wear it with a blazer at work, under a sweater on a casual day out or on its own. It's almost impossible to wear it incorrectly. Just keep it ironed and stay away from tomato sauce.

  • Daypack

    A decent backpack is a vital bag for any man who has more possessions than will fit in his pockets. The variety of daypacks on the market vary wildly in order to accommodate consumers changing needs and tastes.

  • Dress Shoes

    At some point or another there will be an occasion that requires a pair of dress shoes. And the older you get, the more occasions there will be that require them. So start early by making sure a decent pair are a part of your wardrobe.

  • Phone Case

    Whether you have an iPhone or any other touch-screen, palm-held, cellular device, it's important to protect it. It doesn't just provide safety and security for your phone, but a phone case also acts as another outlet to express your style.

  • Sneakers

    It goes without saying a decent pair of sneakers are an essential to any wardrobe. And the best thing about this item is they're not only big on style but big on comfort too.

  • Leather Belt

    A smart leather belt is the kind of gift to your wardrobe that keeps on giving as it ages with time and wear. Invest in a high-quality one and you'll be set for life.

  • Headwear

    There's a pretty healthy range of headwear options available that will easily change up your look. What with 5-panels, beanies and even a renaissance of the hip-hop-friendly bucket hat, your options are not limited.

  • Sunglasses

    When the sun's out, sunglasses are ultimately your sole protectant. Sure, you can opt for a hat or even a visor if you're so inclined, but only sunnies will shade your eyes from that almighty glare. You can even wear them at night because as the saying goes, "the sun never sets for the cool."

  • Wallet

    Don't let you cash roam loose among your pockets. Keep it safe and together in a well-made wallet, preferably in leather, and you'll be proud to pull it out.

  • Watch

    A good timepiece is a necessary accessory to every daily outfit. Simply put, everybody needs one. Although our iPhones and smartphones may provide the same timekeeping abilities, they are nowhere near as stylish - or refined - as a watch.

Lists March, 25 2014

20 Essentials Every Guy Over 20 Should Own

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Presented by Dockers

The older you get, the less you should buy, but ideally the more you should spend. In theory this might be the winning formula to refining your style. Quality over quantity is key here. It’s not how many clothes you have, but how high in quality your clothes are. But if you do opt for a more minimal wardrobe, what are the key basics? We’ve put together a list of the 20 essentials every guy over 20 should own. All pieces that should remain the foundation of your wardrobe while trends may come and go.