This week’s “In the Mail” features an amazing pair of trainers from our friends in Amsterdam, a set of watches you can mix and match, and a cheeky rag we’ll let you ponder on. See our newest arrivals below.


ETQ Runners in Alloy

Our friends from Amsterdam make a darn good sneaker. We got a hold of the new Runner silhouette in Alloy from their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. These are one of the cleanest pair of trainers out now. Find these and other ETQ’s online now.


The Nut Rag

We’re going to have to beat around the bush for this one. The Nut Rag caters to those very specific clean up situations. We’ll leave this one to your imagination. Learn more here.


Modify Watch Set

Modify offers a unique modular system allowing customers to swap various watch faces with different color bands. They claim nearly “endless” strap/face combinations and we believe them. Check them out online and see for yourself.

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