Outdoor apparel company Patagonia releases an interesting fly fishing campaign in the form of a simple fly fishing kit. The kit includes a Tenkara fly rod, an instructional book Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel, as well as other essentials like flies and fishing line. The highlight is obviously the Tenkara rod, named after a traditional small streams fishing tool popular in Japan.  The rod is missing what most people would consider crucial — the reel. However, the technique behind the rod is all about form and placement of the fly, rather than distance casting.

The kit is designed to demystify the complexity of fly fishing, and to strip it down to its base, inviting eager beginners as well as the seasoned experts. The kits is now available online and in select stores, and if you happen to wander into a Patagonia location, they will be more than happy to share some local fishing knowledge.

Photography: Thomas Welch/Selectism.com

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