Where form meets function

After being left completely astounded by RockPaperRobot‘s Float Table, we knew a proper visit was in order. Harbored in an expansive warehouse space in Brooklyn’s historic Navy Yard, the “kinetic” design company is creating truly innovative furniture that blurs the line between art, design and science. RockPaperRobot turns normally static furniture — a coffee table in the case of the Float Table — into a responsive and interactive object. The beautiful wooden cubes that compose the table get pushed up, down, and out when touched; the whole piece is literally held together by magnetism and thin metal wiring.

Founder Jessica Banks, who holds a Master’s in robotics from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab (among other equally impressive degrees), walks us through the incredibly time-intensive and complex production process that the table undergoes. As if creating beautiful product isn’t enough, the amount of technical knowledge required to build pieces of this nature is unfathomable. Walk with us through RockPaperRobot’s studio and make sure to check them out online to learn more.

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