This week’s “In the Mail” features shaving goods from a New York favorite, a pair of boots that bring us back to our days of youth, sporting goods made of Horween leather and more. See our newest arrivals below.


Harry’s Truman Shaving Set

Harry’s makes beautiful and surprisingly affordable shaving goods for the modern man. Stop by Harry’s Corner Shop for a shave, or pick up the kit online here — we suggest their Auto-Refill plan.


Leather Heads for Greats Baseball

Leather Heads is known for their high-quality sports gear made from impeccable leathers, especially Horween Chromexel. Greats, a bubbling direct-to-consumer sneaker label, teamed up with the leather crafter to produce this unique silver “Lemon Ball.”


Dr. Martens Vintage 1460’s

You know what these are — the original Dr. Martens that started it all in 1960. They went on to become the boot of various countercultural groups and an icon of youth rebellion. Unlike most brands that are picked up by a sub-culrural group (think Ralph Lauren or Stone Island), Dr. Martens actually celebrates this urge to be different. Find them here.


Dockers Lunch Box

We came across this classic metal lunch box from Dockers that works perfectly in the (office) kitchen. We’re afraid this one’s not for sale though.

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