After reflecting on our “In the Mail” series, we realize we’re quite blessed. Every week we hear from new brands, get to test out creative and exciting product, and even try some tasty booze every now and then. This week, we received an interesting bottle of vodka, a light fixture made from charred wood, and a special addition to our “mandle” archive. See the goods below.


Our/Vodka Vodka

Our/Vodka can be simply described as “global vodka made by local partners in cities around the world.” The small label uses the same recipe across various global distilleries. The catch is that all ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. The idea is to capture the flavor and character of that specific city, all through vodka. We’re looking forward to a taste test this weekend. Read more about them here.


Royal Apothic “The Mandle Luminarie” Scent No.1

Following our search for manly candles in our previous Buyer’s Guide, Royal Apothic sent us this Scent No.1 candle for “heroes and aristocrats.” It smells of your freshly shampooed lover bottled in a screw top glass jar.


The Good Flock Aurora Lamp

Portland’s The Good Flock sent us their newest Aurora Lamp that utilizes an ancient Japanese production process called Shou-Sugi-Ban. The hand-shaped wooden base is charred, which actually aids in its preservation. The lamp can be hung on the wall or sit table side. Learn more here.

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