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Time to look back at the week that was. This edition of our Editor’s Selections covers all bases from a short back and sides complete with fully-stocked bar at the Blind Barber Williamsburg, to the coming together of two German engineering giants as Leica and Audi meet to create this year’s most covetable camera, the T series. A visit to our pals at Left Field, five spot-on choices of affordable Japanese denim from RPMWEST and a look inside the multicoloured ’60s home by famed architects Richard and Su Rogers, ten choice stories waiting after the jump.

RPMWEST Offer Five Choices of Affordable Japanese Denim

Kickstarter fans RPMWEST create an accessible route into the world of Japanese denim, five selections of fabric, varying weights and colors in two fits, each pair coming in at under $100.


Inside Architects Su & Richard Rogers ’60s West London Home

Architect Richards Rogers, best know for the Pompidou Centre and Lloyds building, created this home in 1968 with his then wife Su, an eye-popping color palette and a fully flexible open plan layout combine to create something special.


Inside Left Field’s Appointment Only Queens Studio

We took a trip to Queens to visit Left Field at their studio, warehouse, general hang-out and now appointment only space, home to all of those top quality USA basics.


Leica Partner with Audi to Create the Minimalist T-Series Camera

A new Leica release always worth getting excited about, this latest addition, the mirrorless T 701, created in partnership with Audi. Built-in wifi, 16.5 megapixel image sensor, the minimalist body produced from a single block of aluminium.



 Vitra Reveal New Color Set for the Classic Eames Desk Chair

The iconic Eames aluminium desk chair needs no updating, but who are we to argue with Vitra, especially when they put together such an upbeat set of fresh colours. Time to cheer up the office.


Mackintosh Reveal Spring 2014 styles from their Philosophy Menswear Line

Somewhat of a curiosity, this Japan-only line sees outerwear experts Mackintosh expand to create a full set of menswear. A very British affair, expect Cricket whites and treated fabrics.


Madden Equipment Outdoors Accessories Return After 10-Year Break

Madden Equipment based in Boulder, Colorado, return after a ten year hiatus, a selection of tough, Cordura styles from waist packs to full on adventure rucksacks.


Inside Williamsburg’s Blind Barber Offering Haircuts and Beers

Getting a haircut can be a pretty mundane activity but imagine the possibilities when your local barber turns bar once the sun sets. Beer, coffee and a new look. Nice one Blind Barber.


 Vintage Style Wooden Skateboards from Jamoboree and Side Project

Worth taking up skating for, Side Project in collaboration with the Jamboree Store, create this set of vintage style boards, cherry maple and walnut wood in well-chosen laid-back shades.


The Real McCoys Present 3 Colors for their Latest Double V Sweatshirts

The Real McCoys continue to impress with their perfectly formed sweatshirts in an authentic cut, these latest colors for Spring in their Double V style, Navy, Grey and Burgundy, winners from start to finish.

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