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2014 looks to be quite a year for Germany’s rOtring who is introducing the brand back to key global markets with the launch of the new 800+ Mechanical Pencil + Premium Stylus hybrid.

Founded in 1928 and influenced by the Bauhaus movement, rOtring has specialized in providing the very best technical pencils and pens for everyone from illustrators to draftsman. Over the decades, the company’s innovation and design helped fuel a countless number of creators in their process. In the 1950s, rOtring’s “rapidiograph” technical pen became the standard amongst engineers, architects and even illustrators looking for consistent and precise line thickness in their works. They remain the standard in “analog” work today. In the ’80s, rOtring’s original 600 mechanical pencil innovated with its non-rolling full-metal hexagonal barrel body that brought a new level of control. As a cult following grew around the rOtring 600 pencil, the company introduced an update in the form of the 800, with a twist and click retractable mechanism for “pocket safe” carrying.

Now, rOtring takes the base 800 pencil and modernizes it for today’s analog and digital world. The dual-use rOtring 800+ adds a premium stylus tip to 800 for use on digital tablets and touch-sensitive screens. Design lead Robert Nightingale worked with rOtring on how to best approach the new digital world while remaining true to rOtring’s analog heritage. His consult lead to the almost inconspicuous addition of the rubber stylus tip visible clearly when the 800+ mechanical pencil is retracted. The dual-use 800+ remains incredibly clean in looks while delivering the same quality lines of its older sibling. Their signature golden red and gold ring also remains around the top.

Coinciding with the launch of the 800+ hybrid pencil, rOtring announces “Think On. Create,” a new global campaign commencing at the month-long NYCxDesign celebration. The campaign highlights a wide array of artists and designers showcasing how rOtring pens and pencils help their creative processes.

The new rOtring 800+ is available now for $85 at

Photography: Thomas Welch/

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