This list will keep you interested for a while. Three short films, hats made with old baseball gloves, Birkenstocks with art, and Hawaiian print like you’ve never seen before. And more. All below.


Fielder’s Choice Goods Rivalry Caps Series

Fielder’s Choice Goods, who make small accessories out of leather from vintage baseball gloves, apply their upcycling tactic to flannel caps. Ebbets Field supplied colorful headwear for FCGoods to make the Rivalry Series, a collection dedicated to representing some of baseball’s most historic teams. Pictured above is the LA Dodgers.


World Press Photo 2014 Exhibit at 10 Corso Como Milan

The World Press Photo 2014: Photography and Journalism exhibit is currently happening at 10 Corso Como Milan. Over 5,700 photographs from 130 countries were submitted to win the prestigious World Press Photo title, the most notable of which are displayed here. Go here for more details.


The Making of Spain’s RUDO Y NOBLE Axe

The RUDO Y NOBLE Axe may be just a pretty piece of design at first glance but its back story is incredible. From a woodworker in the Basque region of Guipuzcoa and a third-generation blacksmith a few kilometers up the road to a wood finisher in Castile and León, watch the incredible people in the production journey above.


Studebaker Metals Brass and Silver Cuffs

It’s tough to come across timeless and sophisticated jewelry for men. But a Michael Studebaker from Pittsburgh, PA triumphs the challenge by handcrafting each one of these silver and brass cuffs.


The Atlas House in Osaka

This house is Osaka was our favorite piece of architecture of the week, built in conjunction with a dental office. The architects solved the problem of separating the public and private spaces via large glassed voids that physically separate them while visually integrating it all at the same time. Genius.


Opening Ceremony and Birkenstock René Magritte Sandals

Belgian surrealist René Magritte gets honored by OC and Birkenstock with these special-edition sandals. Open-toe and double-buckled, our favorite style of the collection is this “Double Reality” face-printed one. More people should have artsy Birkenstocks.


Gentlemen of Letters: A Dublin Sign Painting Film

This short is on the highly-skilled sign letter painters in Dublin, a city where beautiful storefronts are put to life by generations of expert font writers.


ACNE New Arrivals for Summer 2014

ACNE‘s Summer 2014 delivery is unified by the color codes of black, yellow and red, which also make up the colors for the realistic floral. The new new Hawaiian.


Sasquatchfabrix Summer 2014 Kokonoe Aloha Collection

One of our favorite Japanese brands is Sasquatchfabrix. For Summer 2014, they released a collection of clothing and accessories, all made of 100% Japanese cotton, with their another take on the Hawaiian print. Combining sakura flowers, spiderwebs and rope, they made a unique print along with playful illustrations of sumo wrestlers, hence the collection name, Kokonoe (Japanese for elder sumo wrestler) Aloha. The collection released yesterday. See here for details.


Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 “Dawn in Luxor” Short Film

Kenzo release another short film, this time for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. We don’t get why a Jamaican restaurant and a beachside meditating boy and a dead dolphin and hieroglyphics are put together, but we like the film anyway.

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