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In case you missed it last week, we introduced a new series called “Subject Study,” where we showcase stories behind the most prized possessions of some of our good friends. This week, we meet up with Joe Latson, founder of QC // WC and shopkeeper at Blind Barber.


Joe embodies a sense of style that goes beyond just having the newest (fill in the blank) and being “in the know.” He explains: “The things I put on my body all have some type of story tied to them. These Nike‘s for example — my mentor gave them to me as a gift, so they hold a special value.”


Joe’s customized vintage work jacket has a stitched-on No Mas patch that reads: “The thrill of victory and ecstasy of defeat.” This is his favorite garment not only because it’s from an interesting off-brand called Big Ben, but also because No Mas happens to be his favorite brand. His t-shirt is also No Mas, featuring an original sketch by Muhammad Ali that he drew after one of his victorious fights in 1968.


We particularly like his vintage Swiss Army watch handed down from his grandfather. Joe made it his own with the addition of an updated NATO strap. In a constant reminder to stay motivated, he also sports a Victory ring by G. Frost.


Joe professes that his life “is not a glamorous one.” Growing up in Dallas and studying business, he took the money he made from working in real estate to pursue his true passion. With a production partner based in LA, Joe now runs the clothing label QC // WC, short for “Quietly Confident, Wildly Courageous.” And like the name says, the brand is quietly on the rise, gaining a lot of interest from editors and buyers at trade shows. But to preserve the integrity of the brand’s message and quality, he will keep it on a direct-to-consumer model.


He built up QC // WC with his own money and a lot of hard work. Every piece of his collection features a woven label with a unique quote, one of which is Joe’s mantra: “When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.” – Steve McQueen.

Learn more about QC // WC here.

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