5 Tumblrs…” is back with another edition dedicated to those posting their own work. As much as we enjoy those re-blogging great imagery, it’s great to acknowledge those publishing their own. I am really fond of this bunch below, so be sure to click the follow button on them all! And if you want more original photography, feel free to give mine a look, too.

Danny Clinch

Danny Clinch’s photography is top notch. His “30 Days to Bonnaroo” series is pretty incredible. Thanks, Ryan Allan, for the heads up on this one!

Aris Jerome

I have seen Aris’ imagery a bunch on my dashboard without proper credit to the photographer, but I finally found the source of them. Good stuff.

Joshua Zucker

Some cool street photography, skateboarding and portraits shot in Los Angeles. You will definitely see a whole slew of familiar faces on this blog.

Kent Andreasen

Kent’s blog is truly one of my faves at the moment. Great fashion, still life and other stuff from this South Africa-based photographer.

Arto Saari

You all should know who Arto is, but if not, get familiar.

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