London Collections: Men (LC:M) begins this Sunday so it seemed sensible to catch up with some of our favorites for a sneak peek at their Spring/Summer 2015 lines. All very hush-hush/Top Secret, we find out what next Summer has in store, their favourite pieces from the collection and which of their fellow designers they’ll be keeping their eye on during the shows. Up first, we speak to Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund of COMMON. Read more after the jump.

Tell us a little about your preparation for Spring/Summer 2015, when does it all begin and what’s the starting point?

The starting point is always a conversation where we try to envision where our COMMON guy is today, what he does and what he wears. What are his essentials? For Spring/Summer 2015 we wanted to start afresh and we were playing with the metaphor of ‘Whitewash,’ meaning to gloss over or cover up. We looked at the collection as a blank canvas waiting to be written upon.

How would you sum up Spring/Summer 2015? Can you give us an insight into some of the details?

This season we wanted to go back to our early references in fashion. We are influenced by the minimal and clean aesthetics that characterized the late ’90s. Details are scaled back for Spring/Summer 2015 and we’re placing the emphasis on fabrication and texture.

Who did you have in mind when designing the collection? Would you say you generally design for yourself or others?

Our COMMON guy has been with us since day one so we don’t necessarily design for ourselves but envision our guy according to the season. He accessorizes his streetwear with well-made smart. For him it’s all about creating a balance.

Is there one piece you’re really excited to unveil?

One of our favorites for the season is ‘Kane’, a biker jacket in tumbled pale grey leather. A new COMMON wardrobe staple.

Anyone else on the schedule you’re looking forward to checking out?

We are looking forward to seeing this season’s edition to Newgen, Alex Mullins.

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