We know a lot of guys tend to stick to the same cologne for a lifetime. And while consistency can be a good thing, we think it’s important to explore the olfactory landscape — you may find something else you like, perhaps even more. We selected our favorite scents for the season that range from light and fresh to smokey and rustic. We even threw in a few grooming options to keep you smelling good after a long day’s work. See our picks below.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Collection “Florentine Iris”

Our favorite of Ermenegildo Zegna‘s Essenze cologne collection, the Florentine Iris is distilled by iconic French perfumer Jacques Cavallier with three iris varieties. Mixed with jasmine, violet and musk, the scent is floral and light, perfect for summer. ($195)


Comme des Garçons “SERPENTINE” Eau de Toilette

This CdG scent celebrates the new Zaha Hadid-designed expansions at London’s Serpentine Galleries. Composed of grass, leaves, cedar, and asphalt the eau de toilette aims to represent the contrast between nature and the city. Made in France and available exclusively at the gallery, Dover Street Market London and New York, and the Comme des Garçons Perfume Shop.


Our Legacy Eau de Cologne

Our Legacy‘s first in-house cologne, this fragrance has a base of artificial musk with notes of leather and lemon, which brings it to the more citrusy side. Encased in a European-handmade bottle and leather sleeve. Refills available. ($223)


Commodity “Cloth” Eau de Parfum

With playful illustrations, Los Angeles’s Commodity show us that their Cloth scent for men includes notes of lavender, musk, lemon, melon and “glacial spring accord.” ($108)


Malin + Goetz “Dark Rum” Eau de Toilette

Malin + Goetz is one of those go-to brands for anything that smells good (which is everything they sell). Their Dark Rum Eau de Toilette is fresh and can be paired with a candle of the same scent. Also available as perfume oil. ($150

ODIN “06 Amanu”

If the brawny, lumberjack look is your appeal, then this combination of Mediterranean peaks and ancient Anatolian soils with amber wood and moss will instantly become your go-to morning spritz. ($145)


Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash

Sometimes a more subtle scent is in order. Aesop is one of the best when it comes to grooming and their fragrant hand soap might be our favorite. Wash up and be left with a refreshingly light and earthy citrus smell. ($39)


Le Labo “Rose 31” Eau de Parfume Natural Spray

We know what you’re thinking. Rose? Most guys wouldn’t pick a floral scent as a dominant note in their cologne. But yes, rose. Warm, smoky notes like cedar and amber help make this one shine. Le Labo hand-mixes every fragrance to order and they even put our name on the bottle (see above); we’re pleased. ($160)


Michel “Grandiflora”

Smell like lemons, bergamot, jasmine and basically a fresh garden with this scent made by Michel Roudnitska, son of legendary French perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. Available at The Line. ($185)


Comme des Garçons Summer 2014 Pocket Colognes

This small collection — Wonderwood, Amazingreen and MAN2 — by CdG is any cologne aficionado’s dream set. The three scents are some of the brand’s most popular ones, repackaged in travel-friendly pocket-size vials. You can shop them at Dover Street Market. ($76 each)


Juniper Ridge “Big Sur” Backpacker’s Cologne

Don’t underestimate this pocket-handy, one-ounce cologne; a mere nickel-sized amount from this will have you smelling like the great outdoors. Concocted from plants, moss, fungi, trees and other organisms found near the Big Sur, this fragrance is perfect for a two-hour hike or for pretending like you went on one. ($55)


Royal Apothic “The Scent No. 1”

The fragrance’s product description reads: “a thoroughly modern masculine fragrance that is deeply reminiscent of a fresh shower, a hint of gentleman’s club (the kind for relaxing, not for dance nor sport) mixed with the olfactory expression of a walk in The Great English Countryside.” For a less abstract detailing, this scent is composed of layers of jasmine, lily, mandarin and white grapefruit. ($38)


D.S. & Durga “Cowboy Grass” 

If you are a leathery Bergdorf Goodman men’s building smell kinda guy, you can get that going this summer with this. The Cowboy Grass gives you the manly smell without the olfactory heaviness of pumpkin or whiskey found in wintery colognes. With this and a few bouquets, women may mistake you for The Most Interesting Man in the World. ($106)


Blackbird May 18th Black Soap

Despite its black color, a hue of soap most would avoid, this Mt. St. Helens-inspired fragrance has a strong, refreshing scent of the Northwest. Each bar is engraved with “18th,” the day the mountain erupted in May of 1980. ($28)


Coolife NYC “Le Premier Parfum” by Pauline Rochas

This limited-edition unisex perfume is not for everyone. It smells of black licorice, but maybe you’re into that sort of thing. What got this one on the list is that it’s made by Pauline Rochas, granddaughter of the founders of the legendary Parisian beauty house, ROCHAS. This experimental scent is luxurious and rich. ($175)

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